From a rainy courthouse ceremony to a beautiful night on the Chesapeake Bay...

PT. I |

When Jessica + Todd asked us to document their elopement we were absolutely over the moon, and almost instantly started bouncing around ideas for their big day. Jessica and I grew up together on Maryland's Eastern Shore, and have been friends for 15 + years. Todd and Josh on the other hand developed a lightning quick bromance at one of our friends weddings, so we knew this was going to be EPIC. They both made it very clear that we were two of the very small number of people who knew they were eloping, and we promised to keep our lips sealed regardless of how excited we were.

We started their day by meeting them and their attending family members outside of the county courthouse. We shared some hugs, lots of laughs, and made our way inside to get these two MARRIED! After a quick ceremony, exchanging of rings, and signing of a few pieces of paper, these two said "I-Do" and we braved the elements to snag some beautiful photos in the pouring rain. Did we get a little wet? YEP. Was it worth it? YOU FREAKIN' BET. We parted ways for a few hours while they celebrated with their family over a "Mama Julie style" home cooked meal, and planned to all meet back up at Wye Island at 6PM.


J+ T changed into their elopement attire and drove separately to meet us on Wye Island. Todd brought Jess's dad's boat around to the dock, and she met us at our first look location. We kept her hidden in the car until we got Todd exactly where we needed him. The anticipation and excitement radiated from both of them, and you can feel it in their photos. Needless to say their reactions were absolutely priceless!

After their first look, the four of us headed down Ferry Point Trail. Imagine a trail lined on both sides with 300-year-old Osage orange trees and lush greenery. Talk about an absolutely gorgeous walk leading you to a beautiful scenic view of the Wye River! Jess + Todd nestled into the perfect little nook in the marsh grass and read their vows to one another. There wasn't a dry eye in sight, but we blamed it on "the onions".

tea time + throwback jams

pt. III |

In true J+T fashion, we made our way back up the trail and headed over to the dock to hop on the boat. We drove out into the Wye River, blasted some 2000's hip-hop, and took part in what Jess + Todd like to call "tea-time" (AKA shotgunning a twisted tea versus a beer, GENIUS if we may add!). We danced, laughed some more, + watched the sun drop down below the trees. What a perfect way, to end such a perfect day. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish these two a lifetime of love, adventure, + hopefully a countless number of "tea times"!