A modern-day Noah + Allie...

Recently, we had the opportunity to photograph an engagement session that was inspired by the film "The Notebook." The session took place at the stunning Florida natural springs, which provided the perfect backdrop for a romantic and dreamy photo shoot. We originally met Gabrielle at the beautiful wedding venue White Rock Canyon when they hosted their first annual Vendor Stock event in September. Kyle was deployed at the time, but Gabrielle was anticipating their engagement and decided to attend the event with some of her girlfriends. When we got back in touch in February, Kyle had proposed and they were eager to plan their engagement session. The couple had always been fans of the movie, and they wanted their engagement photos to capture the same essence of the love story that had captured their hearts. Being lifelong fans of the movie ourselves, we joyfully planned every detail of the shoot, from the outfits to the props, and even the poses we wanted to recreate.

As we arrived at the Florida natural springs, the sun was casting a warm glow over the water. Kyle was dressed in a classic white shirt and Gabrielle was in a flowing blue dress, reminiscent of the iconic scene from the movie where Noah and Allie dance in the street in the pouring rain. We started the shoot by taking some candid photos of the couple as they laughed and joked with each other, their love for one another evident in every photo. We then moved on to the main event, recreating the iconic scene from the movie. Gabrielle + Kyle rented an old canoe and we brought along some antique oars, which we used to create a beautiful and romantic scene in the water. They posed in the canoe, holding each other close, as we captured the magic of their love on camera. The Florida natural springs provided the perfect setting for this intimate moment, with the crystal-clear water reflecting the warm glow of the sunlight.

As the shoot came to a close, we took a few more photos of Gabrielle + Kyle walking through the lily pads. The Florida springs provided the perfect backdrop for their engagement photos, and the inspiration from "The Notebook" added an extra layer of romance and nostalgia.